KAILASH. The path from life to life (Kailas)

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We are happy to announce a new film by oum.ru yoga club «Kailash. Path from life to life», shot during a yoga tour to the sacred places in Tibet With new birth in oblivion, in silence The memory of eternal soul is erased. Why do I incarnate in another life? And who is the one walking next to me? The thread of karm...

Buddha Maitreya. Bhutan

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Everyone who follows the path of Mature Yoga faces such a concept as Tathagata sooner or later. The life stories and acts of Tathagatas are an inexhaustible source of inspiration on the path of development. Buddhas are free to choose the place of their birth, they are able to choose the time and place of reincarnation. And along with this there are no phy...

Sunrise Yoga Practice with Elements of Surya Namaskar and Vinyasa Flow

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Namaste! This practice is built on Syrua Namaskar (Sun Salutations) sequence and includes elements of Vinyasa Flow. Asanas flow smoothly one into another, which allows you to work on all your muscles, built strength, as well as calm down your mind in a moving meditation. This complex is great for mornings as it is gently warming up your body and gradually pr...

Tibet. Journey To Yourself

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Traveling to sacred Tibet is one of the most meaningful journeys for many people. Shambhala, the Himalayas, Kailash, Kora - you can hear something familiar but forgotten in these words. For a long time, hidden from civilization, Tibet has managed to preserve its tradi-tion and culture. Many visitors who step on Tibetan land for the first time can feel the...

Who are the Bodhisattvas (Manjushree, Vimalakirti)?

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Bodhisattvas can appear in our reality, be born as a human being and live a normal human life out of compassion. The actions and intentions of Bodhisattvas remain incomprehensible for us because they can’t be measured by the concepts of right and wrong to which people are accustomed. Tsongkhapa - the emanation of the Bodhisattva Manjushree, the Bodhisattva...

The Essence of Yoga. Padmasana. The Lotus Position

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-Padmasana -What causes complexity in padmasana mastering - How we can overcome it   Translation and voice: Marina Lysyak

The Essence of Yoga. Karma and the obstacles on the way of spiritual evolution

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Karma and reincarnation  Practical advices how to overcome the unpleasant conditions on the way of spiritual evaluation  Andrey Verba's online lecture for the participants in Ekaterinburg   If you want to organize webinar with Andrey Verba, please contact us: info@oum.ru

The Essence of Yoga. Facts about meat

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The consequences of meat-eating Who need to eat eat if any

The Essence of Yoga. Donation for knowledge

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Proper attitude to money Laws of Karma Varnas and castes now A person's wealth in this and previous lives Semina, oum.ru, 2012   Translation and voice: Marina Lysyak

How to Become a Yoga Teacher. Tips for Beginners. Andrey Verba

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Yoga teaching is a good activity for the transfer of knowledge in yoga. What should be taken into account and how to avoid mistakes when choosing a yoga school? This video reveals important issues for those who decided to start teaching and for the new yoga teachers and the issues about yoga teaching in general: Who can teach yoga and what's the poi...

About Gods and Energy Aspects. Andrey Verba

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Yoga - is a path and a philosophy of life. It is a way of knowing this world and yourself through selfimprovement .When following this Path, we gradually begin to look at our life and the world around us differently. Questions begin to arise. And we are not always capable of finding the answers on our own. So the experience of those who ventures the path ...

Telegony, or The Law of Heredity. Andrey Verba

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The telegony effect was discovered in the 21st century but stayed unrevealed as it sheds the light on the mysterious fates of both great and ordinary men. But what's the most important is that the notion of the telegony blocks up the sexual revolutions planned by the foes of the humanity. Discussed themes: - how the telegony was discovered in the 21st c...

Meditation Vipassana "Diving into silence"

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The life in the big city is exhausting. It takes our energy. And we gradually lose ourselves in the bustle of everyday life even without knowing it. The retreat-vipassana "Diving into silence" is the unique opportunity to know who you really are, recover strength, remember past lives, dive into silence for 10 days and have a relaxing break away from the nois...

Bodhisattva. A view of this path

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The issues discussed during the lecture: The legend of the place of Namo Buddha (Kathmandu) The relationship between a teacher and a student The accumulation of karma through various actions The diet for a yoga teacher What foods are dangerous for yoga teachers? Why do people reincarnate as animals? The transference of consciousness, life ex...

About Buddha's ancestors, disciples and the modern understanding of Yoga. Adrew Verba

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Topics discussed in the lecture: Who was Mara? Epic bout Shakya race? About Bon religion How the rituals of Bon religion looked like? Who were Aryans and what kind of principles they had? The reason of the death of the Shakya race? Dashavatara, specifics of Vishnu avatars Some litle-known stories about Buddha life   How to und...

How to find your own Path

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The great Teachers of the past have left such a unique system of self-development as Yoga. If you encountered Yoga in this incarnation, this just suggests that you were moving this path in the past lives. Where to find the confirmation of that? How to find your own path in the diversity of methods of self-development in the modern world? The issues covere...

Why do we need past life memories? The techniques available to a modern man

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Why do we need past life memories? The techniques available to a modern man. - what is a past life? - what is a soul? - the difference between a soul and a Jivatma - why is it difficult to get off the Wheel of Samsara? - the technique for remembering past lives and real statistics - why can't some people work on themselves and their develop...

Full Body 40 min Beginners/Intermediate Yoga Class

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This is a home version of a yoga class that I would teach at the yoga studio, shortened to suit 45 min. In this Full Body Yoga Class Video I focus on hips (some standing poses to balance, a head-to-knee pose, a butterfly pose etc.) and forward bends exercises). It is important that the forward bend comes from the hip joints, don't overstress the lower bac...