Buddha Maitreya. Bhutan


Everyone who follows the path of Mature Yoga faces such a concept as Tathagata sooner or later. The life stories and acts of Tathagatas are an inexhaustible source of inspiration on the path of development.

Buddhas are free to choose the place of their birth, they are able to choose the time and place of reincarnation. And along with this there are no physical obstacles for their blessing, love and compassion.

The issues covered in the lecture:

  • About Tathagatas
  • The emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha and Maitreya Buddha - the incarnation in the time of Kashyapa Buddha
  • The Future Maitreya Buddha
  • Mankind in the time of Maitreya Buddha
  • The Mission of Maitreya Buddha
  • The luck to incarnate in the time of Buddha
  • What is the reason for the formation of different religions?
  • The difference between a fanatic guru and a wise guru
  • The importance of altruism in the modern world
  • Why is the mention of reincarnation prohibited?

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