How to Become a Yoga Teacher. Tips for Beginners. Andrey Verba


Yoga teaching is a good activity for the transfer of knowledge in yoga. What should be taken into account and how to avoid mistakes when choosing a yoga school?

This video reveals important issues for those who decided to start teaching and for the new yoga teachers and the issues about yoga teaching in general:

  • Who can teach yoga and what's the point of yoga teaching
  • About Yoga Teacher Training Course OUM.RU
  • About restoring energy after teaching
  • Age specificities of yoga teachers
  • Asana is an important component of yoga, but yoga isn’t only about asanas
  • The fears on the path of yoga teaching and solutions
  • How to choose a school for taking yoga teacher training
  • Yoga teaching and family
  • Online training and online teaching
  • How not to leave the path

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