About Gods and Energy Aspects. Andrey Verba


Yoga - is a path and a philosophy of life. It is a way of knowing this world and yourself through selfimprovement

.When following this Path, we gradually begin to look at our life and the world around us differently. Questions begin to arise. And we are not always capable of finding the answers on our own. So the experience of those who ventures the path of Yoga for much longer is very important.

Topics covered in this lecture:

- Places of power in Nepal

- About the origins of the Swayambhunath Stupa in Nepal

- Association between Shiva and Buddhism

- About Mantra Om

- About the creation of the Universe

- The law of karma manifestation for different worlds

- Getting rid of defilements with the help of personal practice

- Variety of practices in the modern world: how to choose?

- About exchanging of energy in society

- About attachments and relationships in the family

- Finding the answers to the questions

- About Buddha and Devadata relationship

- About the arrival of the Bodhisattvas

Pilgrimage to the places of great yogis. Bhutan 2017

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