How to find your own Path


The great Teachers of the past have left such a unique system of self-development as Yoga. If you encountered Yoga in this incarnation, this just suggests that you were moving this path in the past lives. Where to find the confirmation of that? How to find your own path in the diversity of methods of self-development in the modern world?

The issues covered in the lecture:

  • One of the views on the life of Padmasambhava
  • Is it necessary to study terma?
  • Vimalakirti Sutra
  • Where to find the answers to the questions on the Path of development?
  • 5 inward Gurus. How to find the confirmation that you are on the right Path?
  • The path to your true nature
  • The relations between a Teacher and a student
  • The Middle Way in the dissemination of knowledge
  • The relationship between the pilgrimage to the places of power and development
  • The origin of the main Buddhist Scriptures
  • The importance of the translation of Scriptures
  • The true meaning of Ekadashi
  • The necessary balance of practice and theory on the path of Yoga
  • The relationship between the methods of development and the level that can be achieved
  • About the essence of Yoga

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