Who are the Bodhisattvas (Manjushree, Vimalakirti)?


Bodhisattvas can appear in our reality, be born as a human being and live a normal human life out of compassion. The actions and intentions of Bodhisattvas remain incomprehensible for us because they can’t be measured by the concepts of right and wrong to which people are accustomed. Tsongkhapa - the emanation of the Bodhisattva Manjushree, the Bodhisattva Vimalakirti – how did they live? What things did they do out of compassion for living beings? And what opportunities did they have?

This lecture will help to answer the following questions:

- What is the difference between Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? How do they interact with living beings? With whom can Buddha communicate? Do Bodhisattvas realize who they are? When can Buddha become a Tathagata?

- What is the role of Tsongkhapa in the development of Tibetan Buddhism? Why does even a great soul lose the memory of itself when reincarnating? What obstacles does it face trying to remember itself?

- Who is Vimalakirti? Why and how did he come to our world? Is it possible to move between the worlds? What bodies and qualities do the representatives of other galaxies have?

- Why did communication with Vimalakirti make the disciples of Buddha go into shock?

- What are the consequences of such passions as drinking alcohol and eating meat? What are the possible options for the souls which are at the different stages of development?

- What are the consequences of any activity in the material world? Why does the person, who is trying to disseminate knowledge, accumulate the minimum karma? How to escape the cycle of suffering? Why is it important to change yourself?

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