Pranayama in the places of power


The yoga camp “Aura”, part 4. Pranayama in the places of power.

- What is the place of power?

- Practice in the places of power

- The peculiarities of the yoga practice in India

- What are the places of power in India and Tibet?

- What personal experiences and feelings do the pilgrims receive in the places of power?

- How to sit in meditation for 6 hours?

- The places of power in Russia

- Why do the Gods meet desires?

- What changes in life occur after having made kora around Kailash?

- About kora around Kailash

- How to make kora around Kailash for one day?

- Effects of pranayama

- How pranayama affects the mind?

- How to control thoughts?

- Apana vayu and other energies in the body

- What's the difference between pranayama practice while sitting and lying down?

- Padmasana’s benefits

- Why does greed come and how to fight it?

- How does the energy flow in the body?

- Accumulation and waste of energy

The yoga camp "Aura", summer, 2014

Translated and voiced by Olga Kalitaeva

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