Meditation. One of the methods. Pilgrimage to the places of Buddha. Lecture 3

  • Topics covered in this lecture
  • On the right and wrong way to meditate
  • On good and bad meditations
  • Understanding yourself
  • The Path towards yourself
  • The classification of meditations
  • Fixing pop-up problems
  • Changing the destructive trends
  • School-specific classical meditations
  • Apanasati pranayama as understood by different schools of Buddhism
  • Why go on retreat
  • The Sutra of Meditation on The Bodhisattva Universal Virtue
  • How long to meditate to get results?
  • Sitting full lotus bad?
  • Creating good karma for future lives by meditation practice
  • A good object of the concentration
  • When to start pranayama?
  • Gridhakuta Hill

Rajgir, India

Translation: Viktoriya Vlasova

Voice: Keith Robert

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