Pilgrimage to the places of Buddha. How can yoga affect a person's karma?

The issues discussed during the lecture: 

Why is it necessary to practice yoga? 
Why does the impact on karma occur when a person practices yoga? 
Human Chakra system description 
Characteristics of different chakras 
How can the energy be wasted, considering the chakras? 
What causes the addictions to be formed? 
What do people call happiness? 
Tibetian Prostrations as a way of raising the energy . 
How to cope with taste obsessions and desires? 
About alcohol addiction 
Energy effects of fasting and other restrictions 
Causes of breakdowns after fasting 
Concentration as a way of generating energy. 
Tests - as a new level of complexity in practice 
How to get to the next level of self-development 
What is a purgatory and what functions does it have? 
What is a disease for yoga practitioners 
Why do addictions or obsessions interfere with the practice and how to overcome it 

Bodhgaya, India 
March 2016 

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