The Essence of Yoga. In places, the life of Buddha. Part 2

Topics covered in the lecture Andrew Verba "In places, the life of Buddha. Part 2":

- Six years Buddhas ascetic life in Mahakala Cave

- Early life in illusions

- The path leading to cessation of mental suffering associated with birth, growing old, illness and dying

- the Middle Way

- The Four Noble Truths

- Devadattas ambitions, contest with Buddha

- Asceticism leads to pursuing spiritual goals

- First five Buddas disciples 

- Following the saint   

- Comlex karma principle  

- The Lotus Sūtra. Main point   

- The selfishness as a disease   

- Enlightenment and Nirvana

- The Elephant King Jataka 

Mahakala cave, India 2014


Translation: Galina Maksimova, Keith Roberts
Voice: Keith Roberts

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