Buddha: Walking the Path of Light


All humans ask themselves, at least once in their lifetimes, “Why was I born?” “How should I spend my life?” In the search for answers to these questions, we look to modern literature or ancient spiritual texts to find out what the great teachers of the past and present have to say, and we visit sacred places where these teachers lived and developed.

Just for a while, let yourself forget about all the things on your mind and come with us on a journey to the ancient world of our ancestors, whose life was so marvellous that it now looks like something out of a fairy tale.

On this journey, we will visit the sacred places of India and Nepal, where 2500 years ago, prince Siddhartha Gautama lived his extraordinary life. He renounced his wealth and power in the search for the greatest knowledge and he directed all his energies to his spiritual growth. And then he finally found what he was looking for – the way of delivering humanity from disease, old age and death. His awakened state of consciousness defined his new name – the Buddha.

Благодарности и пожелания