Buddha: The Teacher of Gods and Men

Логотип клуба OUM.RU
Buddha: The Teacher of Gods and Men

The continuation of the film by the OUM.RU club "Buddha: Walking the Path of Light".

Two and a half thousand years ago in the prosperous kingdom of Shakya lived Siddhartha, the crown prince. He had countless noble qualities, and, therefore, the royal family saw him as a future ruler and put up on him the big hopes. But the young prince didn’t wish to take the throne, or luxury, or happy family life. Wrestling with the eternal questions of life, Siddhartha left the palace to find the cure for old age, sickness and death.

We now continue our journey to the sacred sites of India and Nepal following the journey of prince Siddhartha to where he was destined to triumph over the forces of evil, realize his true essence and receive a new name –– the Buddha.

The purpose of our trip is not to see beautiful places and get to know the unusual culture of other counties. While visiting the Buddha’s shrine, where there is the energy of the Buddha Shakyamuni and learning about his unique path, we try only to understand what we can learn from the story of Buddha’s life.

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