Yoga camp Aura - 2013


Change yourself and the world energy will changing.

Our goal - to give you a chance for practices in clean place with beautiful nature.

Yoga camp “Aura” it’s:

- this  course for people who wants to know about yoga and who interesting with vedic culture, spiritual development and self-improvement;
opportunity for experienced teachers to teach and shares the knowledge with novice practitioners;

- for beginners yoga teachers have a unique opportunity to gain experience in the mountains of personal practice and deepen their knowledge;

- for experienced practitioners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in personal practice and not think about everyday issues during your holiday in the mountains;

Practicing yoga in the mountains at Camp Aura you will be able to realize:

- Dive into your inner world;

- get in touch with other worlds;

- get the memories from past lives;

- change the level of vibration energy surrounding you;

- get energized the whole year;

- find friends in fact and not in the form;

- find the main goal in life;

- get rid of bad habits.

translation: Kubrakova Juliya

voice: Gaponova Liliya

Change yourself and the world energy will changing.

Благодарности и пожелания