Yoga and family relationships. How to combine and improve


Questions discussed: 

- Why some people need constant relationship change, and others prefer stability.

- A viewpoint on family relationships from the four castes perspective.

- Wind of change influence on an ordinary person and on a practitioner.

- What is the karmic connection between relatives in Kali-Yuga? 

- How friends appear?

- About the importance of remembering past lives.

- How to use self-improvement systems in family life? 

- Denial of the law of Karma, consequences.

- Selfishness/altruism percentage in different castes.

- A person’s choice depending on the energy.

- How brahmin's children are different from other? 

- Parents’ authority and the media.

- Wife’s service to husband.

- Advantages of yoga teaching.

- What’s the danger in satisfying people’s passions? 

- Teaching as a form of personal practice.

Translated and voiced by Murad Uzhakhov

Благодарности и пожелания