What is Ayurvedic treatment?


Ayurvedic medicine of India has been known for millennia. In Sanskrit Ayurveda means ‘The science of life'. It was this ancient science that had a great impact on the formation of many medical schools not only in the East, but also in the West, in particular in Europe.

Ayurveda has reached its peak in a culture different fr om today, in a world wh ere human life was closely intertwined with the life of nature. For many people Ayurveda has become a full replacement for the traditional methods of treatment practiced in the West, which often remain powerless in the face of many modern diseases.

The main feature of Ayurveda is treating not just a separate disease or organ, but healing and even rejuvenating the whole organism. It is important to remember that the ancient Ayurvedic procedures treat not only the body, but also the spirit. They restore harmony, integrity and tranquility.

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