In Search of the Tathagata's Path

In Search of the Tathagata's Path 

Travel to the places of Buddha Shakyamuni with club. 
India and Nepal, 2013

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In some social circles it is assumed that our country was backward and undeveloped in the distant past. But if we turn to the writings that were not burned at the stake - an amazing picture appears. In the northern latitudes of modern Eurasia there lived descendants of the ancient genus Ishvaku, who had many great warriors and rulers in their dynasty, rightly care about their people. It is believed that these people were the Arians, who supported the Vedic culture on this planet. Because of the certain karma, descendants of this genus were forced to leave the territory of their ancestors and to move to the root of the Himalayas. It was destined to incarnate a great soul in this genus, who had been moving towards self-perfection for many lives…

Translation: Sergey Sivov

Voice: Daria Shelestova

<p>In Search of the Tathagata's Path </p>

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