Ascesis, the middle path and other life questions. Buddhist pilgrimage. Andrew Verba. Lection 1


Topics discussed in the lecture:

  • The power of threes?
  • How the tree may help during the yoga practice?
  • How to get the subtle experience in yoga practice?  
  • What is the release?
  • How to define your dependencies?
  • How the desires may help self-development?
  • How to improve concentration?
  • Difficulties of personal yoga practice when you have active social life
  • Characteristics of Manipura and Svadhisthana chakras
  • How healthy lifestyle promotion influences to the diet of the lecturer?
  • What can you do with desires?
  • What are the reasons to put your energy into the useful affairs?
  • How to give lectures?
  • How to make body invincible?
  • Importance of retreat and personal practice
  • How warriors recover after battles?
  • Can women give lectures?
  • What is grounding for yogis?
  • Why only certain number of people come to yoga class?

Mahakala cave, Bodhgaya, India

March, 2016

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