The meaning of Mantras in different styles of yoga practice. The influence of sound vibrations. D.Chudina


The lecture of the teacher of the club Daria Chudina. 

  • What is the sound and how it affects our body. 
  • The effect of music and words on the human state. 
  • Mantra - the practice of the deep impact on the consciousness. 
  • Sanskrit and the Russian language. 
  • What the classical yoga texts say about mantras. The place of mantrayana in Patanjali eightstaged yoga. 
  • Mantra and prayer - differences and similarities. 
  • Japa and Praise - the practice of purchasing qualities of respected power. Sacrifice through mantras. 
  • The impact of mantras on the subtle body and shell of the man (sharira and kosha). 
  • Mantra is one of the ways of nadis purification (energy channels). 
  • The use of mantras in different styles of yoga: Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, Vini yoga, Yoga nidra, Sivananda yoga, Iyengar yoga etc. 
  • Patanjali welcome mantra. Who is Shesha/Adishesha. Why to welcome the Teachers. 
  • Mantra yoga - the oldest system of self-development. The power of mantras on the example of the events of Mahabharata. 
  • The ways of mantras presentation: Vaikhari, Upanshu, Manasic and Likhit japa. 
  • Recommendations for the mantra-yoga practice. 
  • What is Bija-mantra. 
  • The OM mantra - the greatest of mantras. Mentioning about OM in the ancient texts. 
  • The technique of OM mantra. 
  • The need of beads. 
  • Asanas and mudras to practice mantras. 
  • How often should I practice the OM mantra. 
  • The quality of mantrayana practicing. 
  • Mantras to different Gods, Nature elements - how to choose a mantra for practice. 
  • Music in yoga - help or difficulty. 
  • Video contains the illustrative materials. 

Moscow, 2015. 
The lecture was delivered in the framework of YOGA-WAVE project.

translation and voice-over Maria Marjevscaia

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