Kailash. Beyond the Possible


Filmed by OUM.RU club.


Translation: Ксения Сенникова, Keith Roberts
English voice over: Keith Roberts


Since ancient times, the mountains of the Himalayas have been attracting people with their blissful beauty. The snow-capped mountain Kailash has a special place among them. Over centuries, seekers have come to this place, and here, among these mysterious mountains, they hope to find answers to their questions and remember the purpose of this incarnation. From ancient times, came legends about invisible Gods who inhabit this mysterious space. For centuries, Kora – the sacred pilgrimage around Kailash – has continued. We invite you on a fantastic expedition around the wonderful places of Tibet and Nepal, to face the ultimate test of your will and spirit. Traveling to those lands where the great teachers of the past left their marks, to the lost worlds of other cultures, can lead you to find yourself.

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